Summary of our product websites:

Since 2002 existing product website of the Sybase PowerDesigner. Power designer is the leading commercial databank-design-tool and allows easy visualisation, analysis and the treatment of metadata to effectively form enterprise-wide IT architectures. The aim of our offer on powerdesigner. de is the point-exact product information without detours after an easy principle: informing, testing, applying.

PowerBuilder is the prize-winning development tool with which the construction of data-steered enterprise uses is simplified. PowerBuilder is a revolutionary and proven technology which allows unusual developments. With the third product website of the company toolpark goes on-line.

SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive solution suite of technologies for data management, data synchronisation and data exchange which allows the rapid development and supply of data bank-based uses in remote-as well as mobile surroundings. It forms –among other things – the base for all uses of the SAP business suite.

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